question by AW : I have problems with a recipe funnelcake
I have a recipe funnelcake from the website of the food web, and it worked fine, but now I want to make it less funnelcake with the same recipe, and someone else has the math for me and said what I needed to use .. .. But I think something is wrong somewhere, because it does not work. The first game I tried to burn a crisp on the outside while the inside was still moist and soft dough, the second batch, I left the heat on low and cook longer, I let it get really dark before her and tried to give within the time to cook …. they are always soggy. inside the dough just will not cook. ? what is wrong here, the original recipe that someone else told me to do http: / / com / question / index; _ylt = Anh.odOb3GNr0LaQETiLI6Lty6IX;? _ylv qid = 3 = 20101115094909AAylaTYIch be really frustrated and I am tired to even try now. I do not even want … Best Answer funnelcake:
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sounds of it, it has everything to do with the oil temperature. Most people just to “eyeball” the oil temperature to try, but I recommend it if no one have a frying thermometer verwenden.Ich ‘just checked the order and its strange that they currently get a temperature for heating oil. Based on my experience, I’d recommend your oil to 350 degrees

be heated
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