Question by Matty Cob: Will a glass pan affect baking a cheesecake?
I am planning on making a cheesecake with a recipe I retrieved from (Alton Brown). He used a 3×9 inch cake pan, but all I have is a 8x8x2.25 in glass (square) pan.

Besides affecting the shape, can I use the glass pan for the recipe?

If so, how will it affect the baking of the cheesecake?

Thanks for your help!
3 tall by 9 in diameter.

its round.

but i am making it in the glass pan as we speak so i guess tomorrow we will see if it worked. . .

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Answer by kt
It will be fine, baking wise, but you should really use a spring form pan for cheesecake if you want it to look nice at all.

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