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Homemade Rice Noodle (Fun) Recipe

Today I will share some steamed recipe, now you can learn Homemade Rice Noodle (Fun) Recipe in video tutorial

Daring Cooks’ Challenge for July, 2011 – Homemade Noodles. I make rice noodles (aka Fun). With the noodles I make “chow fun”, rice rolls and a couple dim sum style filled noodle dishes.

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LORRAINE PASCALE HOME COOKING MADE EASY Roasted butternut squash soup with chilli and ginger

You’re looking for soup recipes easy, just watch online LORRAINE PASCALE HOME COOKING MADE EASY Roasted butternut squash soup with chilli and ginger video here

LORRAINE PASCALE HOME COOKING MADE EASY Roasted butternut squash soup with chilli and ginger www.lorrainepascale.com ellasbakehouse.co.uk www.amazon.co.uk Ingredients One butternut squash One clove garlic One onion Splash olive oil Knob of butter One regular chilli 1cm chunk fresh ginger 900ml chicken stock Half a lime One tablespoon tinned coconut milk One sprig coriander Salt and pepper to taste This is a great simple and warming recipe that suits all occasions from a snack to a full meal if accompanied by some chunky bread. To start Lorraine chops her butternut squash in half long ways and removes the seeds. She slashes criss-crosses into the flesh of both halves, drizzles with olive oil and seasons with salt and pepper. Lorraine places an unpeeled clove of garlic into the hollow of one of the squash halves and roasts everyting in an oven at 190 degrees C for around 30 minutes. While the butternut squash and garlic is roasting, Lorraine finely chops her onion and adds to a hot pan of olive oil and butter, where she lightly fries them for 10-15 minutes until soft but not brown. After 30 minutes, Lorraine takes the squash out of the oven and scoops the flesh out of the skin, and places it into the pan with the onions. Lorraine finely chops and de-seeds a regular chilli and adds about half to the pan along with the fresh ginger which she greats finely. Before mixing together Lorraine adds 900ml of chicken stock (vegetable stock would be fine, and you can use your
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Betty’s Join the Club! Sandwich Recipe

In this lesson, garlic bread recipe learn Bettys Join the Club! Sandwich recipe

This video shows how Betty Join the Club! Sandwich. This is a club sandwich with spicy dressing, which can be served as a sandwich filling or delicate triangles. Ideal for any combination of clients! Ingredients: ½ cup prepared sour cream 1 ½ c. soup (cream) horseradish honey mustard 1 teaspoon 1 / 8 garlic salt teaspoon black pepper pinch of 8 slices whole grain bread or whole grain bread (for sandwiches 4) ½ Paper thin slices of ham with honey (from meats) sandwich 8 slices Swiss cheese, leaf lettuce 8, and washed with a paper towel ½ pound turkey, finely sliced ??roasted in the oven (from deli) 8 slices of tomato (or tomato slices 16 small) 8 slices of cooked crisp bacon 16 pimiento stuffed green Combine ½ cup olive toothpick 16 of the sour cream, 1 ½ c. tablespoons prepared horseradish, 1 teaspoon of honey mustard, 1 / 8 teaspoon garlic, salt and a pinch of black pepper. Mix thoroughly and set aside. For a sandwich bread 2 slices whole wheat bread, and prepare (with other bits of overflow) to build your sandwich on a plate. Place 2 slices of ham (folded if necessary) on a slice of toast. Spread 1 tablespoon sour cream mixture. Then, add a slice of Swiss cheese, 2 slices of Turkey. Spread 1 teaspoon of Turkey in the sour cream mixture. Now, instead of one or two lettuce leaves for monitoring, with 1 or 2 slices of tomato. In addition to this, place a slice of crispy bacon, which was divided into two
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