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Breakfast Sandwich

With Breakfast Sandwich, you’ll be seeing your favorite video esson making garlic bread recipe

Chef Jason Hill of www.CookingSessions.com shares his favorite breakfast sandwich recipe in this episode of “Chef Tips.” There’s no need to buy a breakfast sandwich maker, or pick up a Subway breakfast sandwich or McDonalds breakfast sandwich anymore. You can do this yourself! We promise it’s really simple! Although there are many types of breakfast sandwich recipes, Jason’s favorite is an egg breakfast sandwich made with California sourdough bread, turkey bacon, thin sliced deli cheese, and plenty of hot sauce. (We like Tapatio, Cholula, Texas Champagne and Marie Sharp’s Habanero Hot Sauce.) Instead of turkey bacon, you can use regular pork bacon or sausage for your meat filling. If you want to make something over the top, use a donut or waffle as the bread instead of sourdough, or try English muffins and croissants. Be sure to have your pan on medium-high heat so the cheese can melt thoroughly, and the crust can get a nice crusty golden brown. We hope you enjoy this easy egg sandwich! For the full recipe, log on to http

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Strawberry Creme Brulee recipe?

Question by Makena: Strawberry Creme Brulee recipe?


I am trying to follow to recipe above. Although I want to add strawberry and make it strawberry vanilla creme brulee. Can anyone help me adjust the recipe??

Also if anyone has any other good reciples for creme brulee?
I know other people use pumpkin and chocolate and stuff for their bruleess so I want to try strawberry. Thank you!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Lord Percy Fawcette-Smythe.
You can only live in the USA, why do you want to corrupt a fine French dessert with additives ? you should be dragged from your home and publicly flogged.

Edit. I assume you mean me as being retarded, it looks like your question will be deleted.

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