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Looking for TURKEY HELP 101?

question Chenoa : In search of aid for Turkey 101
This year I will be brining a turkey, 12 pounds and I traveled the internet for an idiot-proof recipe with kosher salt, sugar and cold water. Alton Brown, Tyler Florence are recipes Emeril Lagrasse wayyyyy too much for me to durchzukommen. Suchen a very simple recipe, the bird is now on my Küchentisch.1stQuestion thaw: How much water kosher salt, sugar and cold I ‘ I need to coat the bird books, dip or 12, say in a bucket or a small cooler Igloo? Would it be correct to consider some ice around the bird and the cooler temperatures? Or I can (cause to combine Alton Brown tips the ice in the ice water salt …) just dump the ice in the brine, and 2 Question: When I brine the bird the day before going I cook, how long should I brine them £ 12 (because I do not want this method to brine overnight, just in case its too salty, brining time is my time do not want to mess up to now), I rather the process of brining and spent the day …. Question 3: After I type this dry brine the bird and how long or how many hours I cook pickled this12lb bird was told that if the bird is brined it cooks a little faster, because all salt juice of the bird retian this pretty much done the cooking time is shorter …. and to be honest my whole family loves turkey meatless pink / bloody lira, we love our turkey meat charred well done …. LOL Thank you very much for your help:) Best answer:
response Nathalie

You need 1 cup of salt per liter of water ,…. 5 gallons should do …. There is no rule for other spices. like sugar .. it is a matter of taste … Instead of adding ice to the brine and dilution …. freeze several baggies of water and add salt water as needed .. Gel 8 and I use 4 at a time … £ 12 for a bird, it must be at least 12 hours einweichen.Stellen salt completely dissolved before SieIhre Türkei.Garzeit is the same for a bird in brine, as for him who has not been brined.

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Is it okay to rub butter/garlic/herbs under the turkey skin if you are using the 500-375 Alton Brown method?

Question by Techie Mom: Is it okay to rub butter/garlic/herbs under the turkey skin if you are using the 500-375 Alton Brown method?
Every year now, I have been brining my Thanksgiving turkey. I also use Alton Brown’s recipe that cooks at 500 degrees for 30 minutes and then reduces the temp to 350. It always turns out super moist. In the “old” days before I followed Alton Brown’s method, I used to rub an herbed butter mixture under the skin of the turkey. It gave some nice additional flavor and also looked pretty after it was cooked to see the herbs under the skin. I am wondering if it would be okay to rub a butter/herb mixture under the skin even with the 500 degree initial temperature or if the butter and/or the herbs and garlic could burn and ruin the turkey. Burned garlic = BAD!

If anyone has tried this, I would love to hear your results.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Answer by aknaswonder
Brining a turkey is so good, and to add the herbs between the skin and meat is even better. Your turkey should be fine if it is covered initially before placing in oven.
Happy eating.

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