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In The Kitchen – Bread sticks

Today I share a recipe for garlic bread, you can now learn In The Kitchen – Bread sticks Video Tutorial

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make bread sticks. Www.sacbee.com recipe. Video by Scott R. Craig / Sacramento Bee. To see a higher resolution video, please visit videos.sacbee.com
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Can I use chicken instead on the Ramen Shrimp Pouch from the show good eats?

Question by valentine_evenings: Can I use chicken instead on the Ramen Shrimp Pouch from the show good eats?
I like the idea from that show, but instead of shrimp can i use chicken breast? And if so would i prepare it the same way? lower or higher oven temp and time change?
Heres the website w/ recipie


Iam still learning how to cook certain meals! ^_^

Best answer:

Answer by opie
yes you can. oven temperature won’t change, but the time will depending upon the size of the chicken breast. you may have to add more liquid and it may also help if the liquid is hot when you add it to the packs because it will cut the cooking time down somewhat. cutting the chicken down into strips may be a good idea too and instead of vegetable broth use chicken broth. otherwise everything else could be the same

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