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What recipe do not use all the Turkey? Do you have the recipe or do you watch? Do you have a link to your recipe I used Alton Brown (Good Eats) recipe. It’s so easy and so juicy and absolutely delicious birds. It only takes 2 hours to cook, but you have to brine overnight. If someone the recipe here because it ist.http: / / / recipes / Alton Brown / Good-eat roast recipe Turkey-Response Best / index.html:
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Thanks for the recipe for Alton Brown! (I’m a fan). I was actually with my own recipe, I rinse and dry the bird, then I make a paste with soft butter and poultry seasoning and a little garlic powder. I lift the skin and insert slide the butter between the skin and flesh. Then the outer skin, I melt the remaining dough and brush all over the skin. I do the traditional farce, except that I mixed half of the cornbread and use half regular bread stuffing. Can I throw in the crushed corn flakes, rice cereal and mashed CHEX. Can I add finely ground nuts, mixed with egg, celery and onions that I was sweating “in the butter on the stove, and half a box of cream of chicken soup. Mix and thus the bird . I know this sounds like a mess, but it is absolutely delicious. I came up with this, if we do not have much in the pantry for Thanksgiving and I was broken. Some of the best recipes seem to need to ad-lib to come, so to speak.

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