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Can I brine a Butterball turkey that has been injected with water, salt and sodium?

question tangopc : Can I brine a Butterball turkey that has been injected with water, salt and sodium
I anticipate with Alton Brown recipe salted Turkey. There are a ton of information on the Internet. It seems to fall into two camps, one can never brine Butterball Turkey because it is too salty to eat, or you can never go wrong with salts of a turkey, even a ball of butter. So what? I would be people who have a Butterball Turkey pickled appreciate hearing. What was your experience? Thankgiving happy! Basically, we have already bought the ingredients brining, and we were off to Salt Lake, until we understand that we are a frozen Butterball who bought sodium injected achieved together. We’re still worried, Salt Lake City, but we want to hear other people experience brining a frozen Butterball. Is it really too salty because it has already injected Best answer:
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pre-brined turkeys are called (also known as self-binding), the process of brining is not necessary, but you can still do for other flavors to the bird (the brown sugar, cracked pepper, garlic, onions, etc.)

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Q&A: Good Eats Roast Turkey?

LIL question : Good Eats Roast Turkey
Recipe courtesy Alton Brown Show: Good Eats Episode: Romancing the Bird (A Good Eats Thanksgiving) Best answer:

of Long Beach Rocker
I was a faithful guardian of great food for 10 years. Each of her recipes I tried, yes, the name, “Good Eats”

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How to brine a turkey?

Question by Jeff: How to brine a turkey?
I have a recipe from Food Networks Alton Brown that I found online. One part of instructions states to brine the turkey in a 5 gallon bucket for 8-16 hrs in a refrigerator or cool place. I already know it wont fit my fridge, so I have to put it somewhere else; but wont it spoil if its not? So what does it mean “cool place”, where do I leave the turkey? I live in Hawaii, so there’s no such thing as a “cool place” other than the fridge here.

Heres the recipe if you want to read it…


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Answer by Jo Leclerc
I am not trying to be funny, but if u go
on Alton’s site again u will find some-
where on that page that says contact us.
I would do exactly that and they will ans.
u.just tell them what your problem is
and they will help u.

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