Question by Divya: Would adding more vanilla extract and no chocolate make these into vanilla cupcakes?
Here’s the link to the recipe I’m going to use, no chocolate though.

if it will make it vanilla cupcakes, about how much vanilla extract should I add?

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Answer by goodiegoodiegumdrops8
Yes.. and no. In definition they would be, but the probably wouldn’t taste as great as you would expect them too. Taking out the chocolate chips will take away a necessary ingredient, subtracting flavor and fat needed to make the cupcake moist and delicious. Also, note the espresso powder. Espresso is a complementary flavor to chocolate, but might taste out of place in vanilla cupcakes, where lemon would brighten the flavor and taste delicious. I would recommend finding a better recipe, although I would definitely want to use Alton’s recipe too! Here’s a great one! ( and from food network!)

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