Question by Gon: Making Jerky, Anyone have experience with different ways?
So, i’ve been looking around, and some of the most effective ways appear to be getting flank steak or eye of the round cuts, marinating them in a jerky solution (i know the recipe and hopefully people answering know too and don’t need it), and EITHER smoking the strips in a smoker, OR using a dehydrator.

Now the only controversy I have seen that really peaks my interest, is abroad all the hunters that do their share of videos, one of my idols, Alton Brown, posted a video a while back about COLD DRYING the jerky?! Granted, he’s the only person who has done this I believe, but it seriously makes sense (I mean heck, i don’t want overdone, cooked leathery jerky…, I want purely chewy).

His basic steps include the ones leading up to the smoking/ dehydrating, and instead using a fan to give the jerky a constant airflow WITHOUT the heat from a smoker or dehydrator (kinda like cold smoking now that I think about it? If you wish to watch the video, the link is on youtube at: )

I am VERY INTERESTED in the differences, and might honestly just make a batch using each. However, to save money, I would like to hear peoples thoughts on all these above ideas, and any experiences they have had with them? Preferably, also describe in detail the final product you obtained (was it rich in flavor? Was it chewy to the point you would have about the same chance of chewing leather? stuff like that).

Thank you very much for answering this question!

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Answer by B.
Regular heat smoked with apple wood is best to me.
It all boils down to PERSONAL taste. Find the one that YOU like best and use that. I am not sure I would trust a cold method with meat. Too many ways for it to develop salmonella in my opinion.

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