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Cookie dough mix failure?

question ericy11 : Error cookie dough
I tried so many times, Sugar Kookies do, but I try each dough comes in a paste. ive tried Alton Brown recipe for sugar cookies, a recipe of all recipes that called for 4 eggs, I even bought the mix of business and the instructions I was given a batter, not dough. Alton Brown actually had the best recipe of the dough, but I ended up adding more flour to get the desired results. I’m tired of wasting my money on all these ingreedients. What am I doing wrong Best answer:
Razz’s response

Just a guess, but you can over-mix. Most of these need to mix the batter just until blended and pour batter.

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What’s the best chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Question by leopardgrl: What’s the best chocolate chip cookie recipe?
Which chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best? David Leite/Ny Time’s, Alton Brown’s “The Chewy”, or David Lebovitz’s?

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Answer by Mintee
nestle’s toll house cookie…. its cheap to make, but good to eat.. (kid tested)

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