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Easy Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup

Just look trick to watch just the soup Easy Recipes Homemade Vegetable Beef video here


No need for canned soups filled with sodium buy when you can easily make this right of beef vegetable soup in the comfort of your own home. In addition, you may take over some work down the next day! Written for the ingredients and directions visit howtoexpo.com My name is Vera and I love food and cooking. I’m always in the kitchen cooking a new recipe. This instructional video is how to make this recipe soup vegetable beef grandparents. Made in a pot with meat, potatoes, tomatoes and spices. If you have a party or gathering with friends and family would be a great addition and will be a favorite at your table. Use extra lean ground beef, for those who are just there to eat less fat, fewer calories and weight to see you there! There is no reduction in the wonderful taste of this soup! Enjoy!
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Cuts of meat for corned beef?

Question by Lauren N: Cuts of meat for corned beef?
I have a beef chuck shoulder roast in my fridge. Problem is, I don’t want to cook it anytime soon so I thought I would make corned beef out of it since the brining process takes a week.

I know that corned beef is traditionally made from brisket, but will a shoulder roast taste as good when “corned”?

I plan to use Alton Brown’s recipe from food network if that helps. Thanks.
Just realized that St Paddy’s Day is Tuesday…anyone know how to speed up the brining process for this?

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Answer by Eagle1
I have done some searching but I only came up with the brisket is the appropriate cut of meat for corned beef, if you are going to use the meat that you have cut it the same thickness is the brisket and cut against the grain this way you wont end up with strings .
Unfortunately for the brine and to cure the meat it takes 3 weeks if you did this faster themeat will not have the time to cure and absorb the flavour of the spices, so it is best that you use the meat that you have for something else and buy a Corned beef already cured for this year.


Happy St. Patrick;s Day!


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