question TheEditor : Need a good recipe for chicken and rice. Reputation at risk.?
The weather was cool and I decided to chicken and rice would make a nice comfort-food meal. My wife came over and smiled, “You have Alton Brown once again, is not it?”. … Dinner was a disaster. Cup rice, 2 cans of Campbell’s soup of gold, water and onions, cooked at 350 for one hour. The rice was hard and uncooked. We had to move three separate sessions and microwave do to make it edible. … And the taste was like cans of soup over rice gegossen.So do I do things. Give me your mom, your grandmom’s award-winning recipe. I’m not afraid to cook, bake, chop, etc. Should I use cream mushrooms? I was fresh mushrooms, nuts, brown cheese, etc. I RecipeZar and some other sites have been excavated and repeat all canned soups thing. I do not want the easy way and cheap – I want the high quality and Best answer .

cook chicken with lots of human blood and feces

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