question sunshinyorange : How long before I can cook my ham without drying it out
It’s the ham, I do (if that makes a difference) I: cook so long, and I other things that should go in the oven at a higher temperature, I wish the bowl of ham emergency first free space. As far as I can cook without having to get dry or cold? Are there any tips / tricks to the head after cooking (indoor / outdoor, etc)? Thank you! Although when it comes to “tent” with the film, said that my only loosely draped the sheet over it while cooking, or should I completely cover the pan with foil and the edges? I’ve never seen a ham, cooked before, and I have no idea why I do now, lol voluntarily Best answer:
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Premier …… It is to start with a smoked ham. So what kind of ham that you purchased … if you have a fully cooked ham, then you can skip some steps, such as your cooked hams must be heated to 140 degrees to be warm enough to serve. I would not rely on a temperature gauge in the ham is not the cooking time. Most of them have a plastic cover on the numbers and the bubble and puff and be ruined, and you will not be able to sehen.Wenn the temperature of fully cooked ham …. Most of them are already the most fat, cut the point system, and later, the disappearance of fat is unnecessary. Just to cover the jump in the mustard and crushed cookies to pack and the back of the ham. Tented means that the film does not touch the ham, and sometimes you need two strips of paper together and united in one large piece of paper large enough to cover around the ham and the ham off about 1 / 2 “to 1″ from the top and the mold still needs to rest after cooking versiegeln.Ham before you cut it …. about 30 minutes and should still warm enough to serve them. Holds Back ham, and let -cover, while the other treats for cooking. Then discover the ham, check the temperature and, if necessary, pop in the oven for a few minutes to warm it up again slightly. The interior of the ham should be hot , it would be cool outside, so it should not take so long …. maybe 10-12 minutes to retrieve the erwärmen.Lassen it covered or uncovered, as if the weather warming play any role .

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