Question by Wishful Spirit: Why did my fudge take so long to cool?
Hi everyone. Last night I made fudge using this recipe:

This recipe said it would take 10 minutes to cool and then to mix it. It took it an hour and a half to fall to the temperature stated in the recipe, and though it did set up, the texture was a bit looser than I like (the fridge firmed it up nice).

Why did it take so long to cool, and is there a way I can make it cool faster?

Here’s some additional info:

I had to take the temperatures called for down by 10 degrees to compensate for my “mile high” altitude and may have got it a little too hot.

I forgot to put the butter on until halfway through cooling, by which time the butter had warmed up.

The house was really warm that day.

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Answer by eric53
It was too hot, taking longer to cool off. But you can send some over to me and I will tell you how it tastes.

Thanks for your comment kgirl. I try!

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