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How to make healthy Chinese Soup, mother’s style

Let us learn together and look for health of Chinese soup, native style to

something a bit different today … I do not get questions regularly ask me how to make Chinese-style soup healthy. So I have this video – once you’ve tried these you will not be back to Delia. My mother made a good soup with ingredients that are quite common (except carrots) are cheap and can be found in a Chinese supermarket. She also showed me how to drink a single bay (which tastes really good, can be served chilled, etc.), I had to copy from the discourse on music and put it because the cook went into the kitchen with four women in a fight. Also still no comments on my mother’s hideous Polar. It is since 1987, he had – he is well served. The soup is really good taste, it’s different oxtail canned, but I promise you, it’s always nice. Visit the blog: candy.com cosmetology Follow me on Twitter Add us on www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com
Note Video: 4/5
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Oxtail recipe with Gary Rhodes – Floyd on Britain & Ireland – BBC

I hope you enjoy to watch Oxtail recipe with Gary Rhodes – Floyd on Britain & Ireland – BBC video

Chef Keith Floyd learns how to make a delicious and very British Oxtail dish from a very young Gary Rhodes. Brilliant meal ideas from classic BBC food show ‘Floyd on Britain & Ireland’. Watch more high quality videos on the Food YouTube channel from BBC Worldwide here: www.youtube.com

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