Question by ..: Question for bakers – Homemade Soft Pretzels?
A couple weeks ago my sisters wanted to make homemade soft pretzels so I looked up a few recipes online and picked one that sounded good and had good reviews.

The first recipe I did was terrible! I followed step by step and it turned out horrible. This is the site i got it from –

They tasted like baking soda and did not taste like a soft pretzel at all. It was very tough and it smelled like burnt bread.

The second recipe I tried was not great but a lot better than the first. Here it is –
On this recipe I did not have Bread flour so I used all purpose flour instead. Besides that I followed step by step.
The pretzels were not very brown and they were very tough still. But they tasted and smelled a lot better.
So I dipped the pretzels in butter and it got soft and tasted almost like Aunt Annie’s Pretzels but not exactly It was still missing something.

Next time I try this I am going to use the Aunt Annie’s recipe but this time I will use Bread Flour. But besides that How can I make them better ? And less tough? What am I doing wrong?

The first recipe was right in color but hard as a rock

And with the second recipe all the pretzels looked very white, kind of like bread when It has those chalky white streaks in it. I know they arnt’t supposed to look like that

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Answer by Will
Try cooking them for less time and don’t follow the recipe exactly, add different amounts of ingredients and you will end up with at least one good pretzel that you will like.

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